Limo Bus Holiday – A Different Experience

Traveling by limo or bus in the United States can be thrilling as well as rewarding experience. So what if you combined a limousine and a bus to get a limo bus? Though for tourists, it is usually advisable that you move with an American or someone who knows the terrain so you can spend the least amount for the best experience possible.

Traveling by air is one of the most common means of traveling in the USA especially for long distances. It has its own disadvantages that ranges from long hours spent at the airport; high cost of tickets with an average air flight ticket going as high as $388 as compared to traveling by bus or train; it doesn’t let you enjoy the full American experience and more importantly, it is a terrible way to sight see the beautiful landscapes.

Traveling by bus or limo is usually a more inexpensive route. We get calls all the time from people afraid to fly, and who would rather take charter buses or cheap Milwaukee party buses to Chicago as opposed to flying. After all, It is cheaper than taking a flight. In America today, bus stations are more common than airports. Buses have their own limitations as well but I decided to take the bus as a tourist in this great country because I wanted to enjoy the view, take pictures and meet new people.

My Bus Travel Experiences

I bought a ticket from Greyhound on Check My Bus. My trip was from New York and I was headed to Atlantic City in Jersey. I had read lots of reviews about the pubs and casinos in Atlantic City. I wanted to save money on transport and sight see, so I opted for bus transportation. I was shocked when I saw the price. It cost me $19 for a 30.5 miles trip via bus while on American Airlines, I would have paid $302 for the same trip.

I noticed that the Greyhound buses had lots of legroom. There was a power outlet and free WI-FI as well behind each seat so you can have your devices charged and ready to use always.
This was quite new for me as we don’t have such in Australia.

I was heading to Atlantic City in New Jersey. I heard it had all kinds of pubs and bars facing the beach. The journey was quite smooth. The bus had fanciful reclining seats that didn’t make sleeping awkward or painful but I think its best you still get a night in bed after your journey. There were some intermediate steps to pick up and let off passengers as well as rest stops for meal times. The only negative side for me was the Tourist traps. I wasn’t aware they had those in American cities. Tourist traps are businesses catering to the needs of tourists, but the problem is that they sell inferior products to you at inflated prices.

I was lucky to be seated beside a 45-year-old farmer from Texas. He advised me to buy my meal away from the attraction and crowd. He took me to where the good stuff was thereby saving hundreds of dollars for me.

In conclusion, it was quite eventful going from New York to New Jersey as a tourist and it’s an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I saw some funny highway signs and some national gems that will have been impossible for me to see if I had gone via a plane.

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